Saturday, 30 August 2014

Benefits of Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Analysis (DMIA)::

Understand Inner Characteristics,, Ability,, Hidden Talents & Potential..

This analysis can be used to identify inner Characteristics,, Ability,, Hidden Talent & Potential as per below (child’s).. 

This analysis can be used for self-evaluation and compatibility with your spouse or business partner.. 

This analysis will disclose strength they have and to direct them to perform well at work.. 

This analysis is preferred for those who will like to make a career change and endeavour to start a new business or pick up new skills.. 

Understand Child’s Inner Characteristics,, Ability,, Hidden Talent & Potential 

Most of the time parents misunderstand children simply as they are just not aware of their child’s inborn characteristics (inquisitive,, disobedient,, unrelenting etc..) 

To realize and devise an effective way to relate with your child based on the child's inherent communication style.. 

To identify and build up a useful interaction method with your child.. 

Help children in learning effectively.. 

Reinforces weak points of the child and endow him with an appropriate learning method.. 

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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Analysis (DMIA) may help::

In terms of education & career

è Parent-child communication and education 

è Target at talents 

è Improves General & Special Subject Preferences 

è Select a major that best fit one’s desired career path 

è Define the most appropriate way of teaching and learning

For Corporate

è Administration / Finance / Auditing / Marketing & planning / Research & Development 

è Sales / Customer Care / Advertising / Training 

è Human Resources / Logistic / Personnel / Hospitality 

è Top Management / Quality / Assurance / Manufacturing / Legal / Commercial / Purchase 

è Explore the potential of an employee 

è Recruitment 

Dermatoglyphics is also used in anthropology. Population studies disclose distinctive difference as per the type and sub-type and are also used to ascertain the origin of many groups. Print comparisons are also utilized to establish a personal identification in forensic cases.

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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Analysis (DMIA) will help::

In terms of Personal Growth

è  Left & Right Brain Hemisphere Configuration & Characteristic (Balanced / Right or Left Brain Oriented) 

è  Comparison & Distribution Of MI (Left & Right Brain) 

è  Brain Lobes Configuration 

è  Multiple Intelligence Chart 

è  Inborn MI & Present MI Ranking & Process Chart 

è  Personality Type

è  Learning Type / Mode / Style 

è  MI-Related Talents 

è  MI-Related Childhood Actions

è  MI-Related Adulthood Actions

è  Genes-Related Parent (Father or Mother) Orientation 

è  One’s gifted key area(s) 

è  Improves Career, Bride & Groom/Spouse/Friend/Family Members/ Business Partners Competency & Compatibility 

è  Enhance the sense of the value of life and happiness 

è  Strengthen communication and interaction skills 

   Know how to appreciate people

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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Cave drawings & petroglyph diagrams that date back to hundreds of hundreds of years provide & shows us an evidence of early man's interest in hand lines..

However,, the importance of such pre-historic samples is subject to broader understanding.. Dermatoglyphics is that branch of science that makes one understand his or her own hidden potential and abilities.. With the help of Dermatoglyphics,, we can find out our inborn advantages and give suggestions as per each person’s own characteristics with no prejudice.. Our fingerprints never change in the whole life so it is completely different from people who read hands or fortune tellers,, which only forecast our future by looking at the palms.. Everyone acquires intrinsic intelligence from their parents and if one’s intelligence gets no chance to be motivated and further developed,, there is no other way one can develop an intelligence of memory,, understanding,, analysis,, reasoning,, and application.. By studying Dermatoglyphics,, we can exactly understand the distribution and number of cells in the left and right brain of the cell,, and calculate where the potential lies.. 

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Monday, 11 August 2014

Dermatoglyphics has a long history in India & China of using hand & finger patterns as indications or character traits or attributes..

Traditional beliefs from both India and China have customs of reading certain patterns from fingerprints.. Before becoming amazed at how fingerprints can be of immense significance,, it is worth noticing that such a concept or rather an approach is often used in scientific studies for searching meaningful relations of fingerprints as genetic and/ or chronic health markers.. The formations or the lines / patterns of the skin of a person start becoming visible during the third and fourth month of the development of embryonic stage.. Decomposition of skin occurs last in the area of Dermatoglyphics Configurations after death.. 

In fact,, there have been many cases,, in which the only identifiable part of a deceased person was the ridge formations.. It becomes quite clear from the above information that there is more than sufficient facts to support the methodical study and analysis of basic individual characteristics and the Dermatoglyphics features of the hand that we propose to do.. Our mind begins with an inherited 'tool kit' of growth reserved over millions of years.. This tool kit not only mentions the development pattern of the BRAIN but the development pattern of both hand and the palm.. Genetic preservation of the series,, uniformity of expression and efficient homology create a cross orientation code between the two organs and between the cell formations throughout the whole.. In recent years,, many important discoveries related to the psychological significance of fingerprint patterns have been made.. Over the last three decades,, more than forty thousand papers have been written on the importance of skin-ridge patterns! However,, the current position of Dermatoglyphics is such that the analysis of a few illnesses can be done on the basis of Dermatoglyphics Analysis alone.. Many Dermatoglyphics researchers also claim a high degree of accuracy in their predictive ability from the hand’s features.. 

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